Mike and Corinne

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Our Story

Corinne and Mike met through mutual friends (that's what they tell their families - truth be told, it was a dating app).

They went on a first date a week later at Timmy O'Tooles and fell in love at first sight (or maybe it was the beer and wine on empty stomachs, they'll never know).

They moved in together 8 months later at the start of a global pandemic (a small one bedroom in the West Loop sounded much bigger in February of 2020 when they signed the lease, compared to the rest of 2020, when they were confined to it).

They went back to Timmy O'Tooles on January 8, 2022 (Mike had a dream about the buffalo chicken egg rolls and they just HAD to get some... at exactly 12:30pm...) and walked the lakeshore, just like their first date (the walk had to be at exactly 3:00pm ... in the freezing rain ... Corinne was not suspicious at ALL). Mike popped the question and it was the easiest "yes" Corinne has ever said.

They bought a house in New Lenox in July 2022 (during the absolute wildest time ever to buy houses).

People say "when you know, you know", and Corinne and Mike have always known.

True love stories have no ending, so we are excited to start the next chapter of our lives, surrounded by our favorite people! We hope you can join us in the celebration.